Announcement from NG4 Magazine

Cat and Ali at NG Magazines in Arnold decided they needed to expand into the NG4 area and have launched a rival Magazine also called NGFour, but with the Four spelled out as opposed to the figure 4. 


They are able to offer cross subsidies as they now produce a number of magazines and understandably some advertisers have decided to pull out of my magazine and go into theirs and unfortunately this has meant that my magazine has become financially unviable. 


Competition is a part of business and this is not the first time a rival magazine has set up in the NG4 area as, some years ago, Life Magazines in Southwell launched ‘Gedling LIfe’ but this did not last. 


Cat and Ali informed us via email they intended setting up a rival magazine in the Summer and said they have magazines in competition in some areas they distribute to, notably West Bridgford, and they believe the area is large enough for more than one magazine. While this would have been true if they had chosen to use a different name, there is clearly not enough space in NG4 for two magazines with the same name, chasing the same advertisers.


I have been designing and producing the NG4 Magazine since 2016 and having put over 13 years into this business, it is incredibly frustrating to have another company come into the area and steal the name I have been using for all those years.


I have spoken to many advertisers who are sorry my magazine is closing and feel the way this second NGFOUR magazine has been launched is sneaky and underhand but, as the saying goes, ‘That’s Business.’


Having put you all in the picture can I just say the important thing.....


....this message is to all the advertisers who over the years have supported us.  


We have used of many of you and been delighted with the service we received. From tree surgeons to car mechanic’s, from tradesmen to hair dressers, you have been fantastic.  Many of you also became good friends but to all of you who supported us over the years, we simply could not have done this without you. 


So, on behalf of myself Steve Cook and my wife Sally and all our family, can I wish you all a big, heartfelt thank you and all the best in the future to you and your businesses.  




Steve and Sally Cook

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